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These steps are for creating a finished print using Templates Unlimited templates with Photoshop CS (but steps apply to most version of PS and Elements) -- sample used Baseball/Softball 04 trading card front

They apply for all our Templates Unlimited and can be used with Photoshop or Elements

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1. Click on the text layer to change -- i.e. School/Team, Mascot, LastName, Year or FirstName (NOTE: Text layers may not be called the same on every Template Unlimited

2. Click on Edit> Find and Replace Text (this doesn't apply to Elements - for Elements select text and type in new text)


3.  Enter the text to be replaced in the "Find What:" box and enter the text to replace it with in the "Change To:" box

In the sample we use East Side (School/Team) to be replaced with South East.


4.  Click on OK when completed -- repeat for each text layer -- Mascot, LastName, FirstName and Year.


Text maybe longer or shorter and need to be changed to fit in area -- see next step


5.  If text needs to be change to better fit on template -- use the Character popup to change text size


To bring up this popup menu if not already open click on Window> Character

6. Edit character (text) as needed to better fit on template

Double tT =  text size (sample uses 75 pt)

Arial = text font (sample uses Arial)

AV = text spacing (horizontal) (sample uses 25)

Vertical Arrow & T = vertical size (sample uses 110%)

T & Horizontal T = Horizontal size (sample uses 100%)

Color = Text color (sample uses Black)

See above

Experiment with this to better learn how text works and looks and to get the best look you can.  To learn more about text see Photoshop or Elements help menu under text.


7.  Repeat for rest of text layers as necessary

If you would like to change the look of the text please continue on to How to change layer style for text and create a custom layer style

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