Changing Templates Unlimited to use with Express Digital (ED) home

Download a Soccer 01  8 x 10 Templates Unlimited sample (about 29 MB) template to follow along or use any of the Templates Unlimited that you already have

In Photoshop or Elements

Click on image to view larger



Open any template to change to ED border


For this example we are using the Soccer 01 8" x 10" poster template


Change border color and edit any text

Help for changing colors and editing text

Hide all the layers under the Border layer and any text layers that you are going to want to be able to change in ED. Like the first and last name and/or school/team name and mascot


Save as a new PSD file (optional can also be saved as PNG file)

Now open Express Digital  
Click on Setup tab
Then select Products & Services > Templates > Borders

If this not available with your version of Express Digital then you will not be able to convert your templates

Next steps