Changing Templates Unlimited to use with Express Digital (ED) home


Express Digital

Click on image to view larger



Add graphic

Browse to where you save the Soccer01.psd file that you created using Photoshop or Elements for this border




Drop out specific color

Again select the same gray RGB 128, 128, 128 color or whatever color you used for Page Color for Border Properties 

This is now what your layout should look like

Now you are ready to add any editable text field you would like

for this example we are adding the First and Last name

You can use any name for this but it needs to have the % before and after any editable text


i.e. %FirstLastName%




anything you like


Change font, size, left, center or right

Under Color Attributes change to whatever you like.  We have chosen white text with dark gray shadow. 

Try different looks to see what you like. If it looks good then click OK  


Next steps