You can create all these poster styles with any Templates Unlimited poster template 


Softball 01 photoshop border template Softball 02 Photo Elements border template
When you open up the template

 for these examples we are using Football 04 12 x 18 vertical and horizontal templates

This is what you'll see for The Border style posters crop your photo to 12 x 18 300 DPI and drag into the template under the Border layer

The Border style poster


The Border style poster


Full background included with all poster templates

For the Two Three and The Pride style posters use the full Background layer

Hide the Color Border, Border and PlacePicHere layers

The Two Three style poster in default colors

The Two Three style poster with team colors

Two Three uses 2 or more photos feathered and rotated a bit

The Pride style poster vertical

The Pride horizontal

The Pride uses a cutout (cutout is player cutout of the background and add 1 or more photos in the background)


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