Why network with other photographers?  by ArtisticAction.com
Let's face it photographers, especially sports photographers, spend a lot of time alone.  Usually working from home, post processing photos, creating custom posters, uploading, backing up, filling orders, working the business side of the trade, etc.
That is why it makes so much sense to network with other photographers, they understand and can talk your language.
Here are just some of the reasons to network
Referrals and trades:
Joining or starting a local photography club/group is an excellent way to get to know other photographers in your area.  It doesn't have to be just sports photographers.  Network with wedding, senior, baby, commerical, family, portrait, pet, nature, etc.  Get to know them and their work.  Let them get to know you and your work.  That way when a client of one of these other photographers ask them to recommend someone to take action and T&I photos for their son's team, they can recommend you because they are familiar with your work and know you can handle it.  They feel confident that you will do a great job for their client.  You don't want to recommend someone to your valued client that will not do a good job, it makes you look bad.  A large part of getting business in photography is through building relationships, but more on that at a later date.
You can also get referrals from other local sports photographer, you know, your competition.  If they are booked they can recommend you and vica versa.
Maybe a trade, do a custom poster for the nature photographer's daughter and they trade you one of their best nature photos on canvas to hang in your livingroom.
Find local groups/clubs:
  1. Meetup for photographers
  2. Big List of photographers
  3. Apogee photo clubs 
These are just a couple of reasons to join a local group/club, there are so many more benefits...
For example -- You can learn new skills, help another photographer new skills, learn new and current trends, equipement recommendations, ask and answer questions.  Of course online groups and forums are great for this too.
Photography online communities & forums:
  1. Mysticlenz
  2. Epic Edits
  3. DP Review
  4. Digital Photo Pros
  5. Photography Review
  6. Fred Miranda
  7. Stumble Upon - discover photography
  8. Photography-on-the-Net
  9. Photozo
For beginners:
  1. The Photo forum
  2. DP Review beginners
For sport photographers:
  1. Sports Shooter
  2. Fred Miranda - sports
  3. DGrin - sports
Joining social networks can also be an excellent way for you to stay in touch with your clients and help
new clients find you too.  But only use this way if you know how to use it as a tool that works for you. 
If you don't know how and don't have the time to keep it current and learn how then only use to network
with other photographers.
Social Networking:
  1. Facebook
  2. My Space
  3. Twitter
Photo websites:
  1. Flickr 
  2. PBase 
  3. Photo Links
  4. My Shutter Space
Join a Trade association:
  1. Photo-marketing-tips links to associations  
  2. Business .com directory of photography organizations
Go to tradeshows:
TSNN - photography trade shows
So start networking!

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